Accept Instagram Collaboration Request

How to Accept Instagram Collaboration Request 2022

Do you want to accept the Instagram collaboration requests?

When you want to share a specific post with your friends as a creator on Instagram then you can collab with that person. After posting content then it will be visible and available on both of your account’s profiles.

You can accept the Instagram collaboration request from your account notification center.

This is why we will cover everything about Instagram collabs and how to use that feature properly in your account.

What Are Instagram Collabs Features and How Does It Work?

Instagram collab is the new feature that is launched by the Metaverse (The team of Facebook). The working process of the Instagram collab is like adding someone to your feed post or reel.

When you are about to publish content that your friends are also posting the same content then you both can collab. After posting one specific content then it will be available in both of your accounts.

The Instagram collab is best when it comes to the spread brand awareness or doing giveaways with your partner in business.

All the likes, comments, and share that is received will be appearing in your same post but not differently. Therefore, the Instagram collab is similar to tagging people on Facebook posts.

How to Use Instagram Collab Feature?

When you know the process of how Instagram collab works then it is easier to use Instagram collab in your account.

You first need to build a single piece of content that you want to share. The second thing is to select a person with whom you want to collab or tag your post.

After completing the first and second steps then you need to send the collab request to that person for collaboration.

If a person accepts your collab request then you can publish your content. Therefore, create a joint or collab pots on Instagram and start your brand marketing globally.

How to Post Collab Content on Instagram?

To do joint posts on Instagram, you must find out that the collaboration feature is available in your region.

Instagram is testing out the collab option in some of the locations only. When the collab is not available in your region then you can post with a friend on Instagram using a single content.

But if you have a collab feature and want to send a collaboration request to someone then do follow the following steps.

Note: You can use the Instagram collab feature in both feed posts and reels.

1. Open Your Instagram Account

The first thing you need to do is tap on the Instagram icon to open the app.

You may have to use your login credentials like username and password to access your account.

2. Tap on Plus Icon

plus icon

Once you’ve accessed your account and on your account homepage.

On the home screen, you need to tap on the “+” plus icon from the bottom side.

This is where you can post content to your Instagram account whether it’s pictures or videos.

3. Select Your Content

gallery content

After tapping on the plus icon then pick an image or video from your phone gallery and tap on the “Next” button from the upper right side.

Before that, you can also do a little edit to your content such as manage its brightness, and contrast, add filters, and more.

The editing options are available for feed post and Instagram reels.

4. Tap on ‘Tag People’

tag people on instagram

When you are on the last page from where you can directly publish your post then you have to select your friend.

To use the collab feature on Instagram, tap on the “Tag People” button. This is the same place where you can tag someone on an Instagram post or reel.

5. Invite Collaborator

collab on instagram post

After tapping on tag people then you need to tap on the “Invite Collaborator” button on the right side.

6. Select User for Collaboration

tag people for Instagram collab

On the new page, you can see the list of people who are in your friend lists on Instagram as others too. Here, you need to choose a person with whom you want to collab on posts or reels.

Use the ‘search bar’ on the upper side and type the name of the person and view it in the search result.

After adding a person then it will display a message “If a user accepts, your post will be shared o their followers and they will be shown as an author of the post“.

7. Publish Your Collab Post

At last, after sending a collab request to your friend then they will receive a collab notification in their notification center.

If your friend accepts your request then you can tap on the “Done” button on the upper right side.

Thereafter, write a description for your post by including hashtags, and mentioning people.

Once the content is ready after successful collaboration then tap on “Tick-mark” to publish your collab content.

How to Accept Instagram Collaboration Request?

When someone sends you a collab request on Instagram then you can accept it and become the author of that post or reel.

Collaborating on a single post with someone is the best deal if two of you are business partners and don’t want to post the same content individually.

There is not necessary that only your known friends will send you a collab request but other unknown people can also do.

Therefore, if anyone sends you a collab request then you can follow the below steps to accept the Instagram collaboration request on Android and iPhone.

Note: You must update your Instagram app before following the below-mentioned steps.

1. Access Your Instagram Account

Firstly, you need to open your Instagram account with your login credentials like username and password.

2. Tap on ‘Heart’ Icon

instagram heart icon

Once you are on your account home screen then you need to tap on the “Heart” icon from the upper right side.

This is where you can access your Instagram account notification center and manage all your incoming notifications.

3. Check for Collab Request

check collaboration request on Instagram

When you are in the notification center of your account then look after the collab request.

When someone sends you an Instagram collab request then it will be visible at the top area depending on how many notifications you receive per day.

If you receive tons of notifications in your account then a collab request may push to the bottom side.

4. Tap on ‘Review’ Button

review Instagram collaboration request

When you find the feed post or reel collab request from your friend then open that request.

Thereafter, tap on the blue “Review” button on the right side to examine what the post is all about.

5. Accept Collab Request

accept Instagram collab request

If you are ok with collaboration then tap on the “Accept” button in the pop-up collab window.

This will send the notification to that person about acceptance of collab who has sends you a feed post or Instagram collab.

Now, you can view the collab post in your account.

This is how you can accept Instagram collab invites on your mobile devices.

What Are the Rules for Instagram Collaboration Posts?

Anyone can invite someone for the feed post or reel collaboration on Instagram as long as the feature is available in their region.

If a collab feature is launched in your country then you can easily use the collab to tag someone in your Instagram post.

But the main question is ‘Are there rules for Instagram collaboration posts’?

No, there are no rules which you need to follow for collaborating with someone for posts or reels on Instagram. As long as a person is ready to collab then you can send them a collab request.

The only thing you need to remember is not to force someone for collaborating.

Since you can send a request to any public Instagram account for a collab in the same post, it can be troublesome for you if you do it from time to time.

For example, you have 10k followers in your account and someone has 500k followers. If you request them to collab in your post and they decline it then don’t send the request over again.

When a person already declines your collab request then forcing them to accept it can result in an account block. If a person blocks your account and also reports it to Instagram then it’s not good for you.

How to Collab on Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are the best way to interact with people using short and sweet videos.

Just like collaborating with someone in a post, you can even collab on Instagram reels.

Here are the following steps to collab on Instagram reels in Android and iPhone.

1. Access Your Instagram Account

So, the first thing is to open the Instagram app on your device and log in to your account.

2. Tap on ‘My Story’ Button

Instagram story

When you access your account successfully then tap on the “My Story” feature that is located in the upper left corner.

If you can’t find that option then do update the app.

3. Create a New Instagram Reel

create Instagram reel

After tapping ‘My Story’ then you will see a bunch of options at the bottom side.

There, tap on the “Reel” option and start making your new Instagram reels for your account.

For that, you can either select content from your gallery or create a new one.

4. Tap on ‘Tag People’ Button

create reel collab

Once the Instagram reel is created successfully and then tap on ‘Next’ or ‘Done’ for the next step.

When you reach the end phase of posting the reel then here tap on the “Tag People” button.

5. Select ‘Invite Collaborator’

collab on instagram post

After tapping on ‘Tag People’, you will find the “Invite Collaborator” option on the right side.

So, tap on the “Invite Collaborator” button for choosing your friends to invite them to your Instagram reel and for a collab.

6. Add People for Collab

Now, you can search for the username of a person or usually scroll down and select their profile.

How to Stop Sharing Collaboration Posts on Instagram?

You can also stop sharing the post with your collaborator in case you change your mind.

Once you collab with someone in a post doesn’t mean that you can’t undo or terminate a collab as long as you are a creator or main author.

Therefore, follow the following steps to stop collaborating with someone on Instagram.

Note: Stop sharing collab posts will be deleted from your profile and from the person’s profile with whom you’ve collab.

1. Open Your Instagram Account

First thing first, open the Instagram account on your device and log in to your account.

2. Locate and Access Your Collab Post

Instagram profile

After accessing your account then you need to locate the post which you’ve collab with your friends.

Once you find the post then open that post and move to the next step.

3. Tap on ‘Three Dots’

After accessing the collab post then tap on “Three Dots” which is located on the upper right side of the post.

4. Select the “Edit” Button

edit button

Now, you can see a bunch of options available on the screen after tapping on three dots. Here, tap on the “Edit” button

5. Select the Tagged Person

You have to tap on the small “Tagged” icon on the left side of the post to remove that person from the collab.

6. Tap on Cancel Button

cancel Instagram collab

At last, you can tap on the small “X” button on the right side of the tagged user and save your updated post.

Why Can’t I Post Collabs on Instagram?

When you can’t collaborate on Instagram in a post or reels then here are the following solutions to fix it.

  • Clear Instagram Cache
  • Update Your Instagram app
  • Restart your device
  • Enable VPN on your device
  • Check Instagram server

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why don’t I have a collab on Instagram?

If you don’t have a collab on Instagram then the feature is still not available in your region or country.

Can You Do Collaboration Post on your Instagram Private Account?

No, you can’t do collaboration post on your Instagram private account.

Can You Add Multiple Collaborators on Instagram?

No, you can’t add multiple collaborators on Instagram.


At last, you can accept Instagram collaboration requests with the help of the above-mentioned steps. Don’t hesitate you ask someone for the collab it is beneficial for your account to grow well as create brand awareness.

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