How to Anonymously Watch Live Videos on Instagram 2023

Do you want to anonymously watch live videos on Instagram?

You can go live on your Instagram and share your thoughts, business ideas, and other fun things.

But when someone joins your Instagram live then their profile will appear at the bottom side of your live.

You can tell who has joined your live session along with their comments, like, gifts, and other more.

But in this article, we will talk about how to watch someone’s live video on Instagram without showing your real identity.

Quick Answer

You can watch Instagram live anonymously online by creating a fake account, or new account, changing your account name, and using someone else’s Instagram.

How to Watch Instagram Live Videos Without them Knowing?

Now you know some methods that are helpful for you to view someone’s live broadcast on Instagram secretly.

So, let’s how you can implement those methods in real time.

1. Change Your Instagram Username

The first method that you use to see someone’s Instagram live without them knowing is to change your username or name.

When you are watching someone live you know quite well or your ex-girlfriend then it would be inappropriate for you.

Besides a person will also know that you are stalking their live or Instagram secretly from time to time which can make the uncomfortable.

In that situation, you can use an unknown or different Instagram name.

  1. Go to your account profile area.
  2. Tap on the “Edit Profile” button.
  3. Next, select the “Username” option and replace it with a different name.
  4. Now, do the same thing with your “Display Name”.
  5. At last, tap on the “Tickmark” icon to save changes.

2. Use Your Secondary Account

If changing your Instagram name is not quite possible for you then you can use your secondary account.

In other words, use your fake Instagram which you basically use for fun or stalk someone’s account.

It doesn’t mean to be a fake account because you can also use your business account.

But you have to be friends with that person if their account is private.

If a person’s Instagram is public then you don’t need to be their friend or follow them. You can easily view their content, reels, and live videos.

I think this is the most perfect way to anonymously watch live videos on Instagram.

Pro Tip: You can switch your Instagram to use your secondary account. For that, long-tap on your “Profile” icon from the bottom right side and select your other account.

3. Create a New Instagram Account

The next method to watch live on Instagram without being seen is to make a new Instagram account.

When you have a new account and follow a person then they will never know who you are.

Your whole identity will be hidden which is the best way to secretly stalk someone on Instagram without them knowing.

For example, your ex-girlfriend has a public profile on Instagram that you’ve unfollowed.

If you use your real account to follow her and view her photos, videos and live then a person will instantly know it.

On the other side, if you use a new account using a different fake name, profile, bio, and information then your ex will never know who you are.

4. Watch Live Videos on their Profile Grid

Instagram offers a feature to save your live broadcast when it’s over.

When your live was amazing and interesting which you like the most then you can also share it in your profile grid as a “New post.”

So, whoever didn’t get a chance to watch your live broadcast earlier then they can see it from your profile.

Now, if you want to stalk someone live on Instagram then just wait until they share it as a post.

But there is a rare chance that you will see their live stream as a video. If a creator doesn’t like to share their live then you must have watched it during the broadcast.

5. Use Your Friend’s Instagram Account

The last method you can use to anonymously watch live videos on Instagram is to use someone else’s account.

In other words, you can use your friend’s or relative Instagram and see someone’s live. But only if a person’s Instagram is public, not private.

However, if your friend is a mutual friend with that person then you don’t have to care about a private account.

Simply request them to tell you when a person is live on Instagram so that you can watch it using your friend’s account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can find someone FAQs regarding Instagram live for watching secretly.

Does Instagram Tell You Who Viewed Your Live Video?

Yes, Instagram will tell if someone joins and watches your live broadcast. You can see a person’s profile avatar on the bottom side of your live.

How to Watch Someone’s Live on Instagram After It Ended?

The only way to see someone’s live on Instagram after it ended is to check their profile grid for a live post. When a person shares their live video as a post then you can see it later on.

Can You Watch Instagram Live on a Computer?

Yes, you can watch Instagram live on your PC when you use your Instagram from the browser.


Lastly, the best way to anonymously watch live videos on Instagram is to use your secondary account or a new account. If you change your username then you may not update it later on as you can only change your Instagram username a few times a year.

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