Does Someone Get Notified When You Delete a Snap Without Opening

Does Someone Get Notified When You Delete a Snap Without Opening

There is a simple option to delete chat or snaps on Snapchat if you don’t like them or want to see them anymore. You can either clear messages inside the chat area or from the chat feed in your display. But if you delete a snap before it’s viewed can a person see it?

No, when you remove chat messages or snaps from Snapchat without opening then a person will not see them. But they can tell that you’ve opened their message because of the ‘Opened’ symbol.

In this article, we will talk about the secret working algorithm of the Snapchat chat feed and steps to clear unopened Snapchat conversations without them knowing.

What Types of Notification Do You Get If Someone Deletes Your Chat on Snapchat?

There are two ways to remove a conversation of a user on Snapchat that is from the chat feed and within the chat.

If someone deleted your chat by opening it then you will see a notification “User Deleted a Chat” message. In other words, a person can erase any snaps, pictures, videos, voice recordings, or secret messages of your conversation.

So, basically, Snapchat will remove chat messages from both sides or ends instantly.

Besides, if the user erases the chat from 10 hrs ago then you can still see it. But the best part about is that it won’t send you a fresh notification.

For example, when you’ve set ‘Delete chats 24 hours after viewing’ and remove the snap 5 hrs ago from the top side then a notification will only be visible on that particular area only. In this way, you can exclude the old messages or snap which you want to delete it before 24 hrs.

If I Delete a Message on Snapchat before it’s viewed, Will Someone Get a Notification that I Deleted a Message?

Like I said earlier, deleting the snap message before opening will not leave a notification to other people. But the “Delivered” message symbol will turn into “Opened”.

This is the new algorithm of Snapchat to let know people that someone has removed their conversation from the chat feed.

It will trick the sender by thinking that you’ve seen their message but in reality, you’ve wiped out their chat without viewing.

On the other side, it will also create disturbance in both of your conversations. If a person sees that you’ve opened that message and didn’t reply then you might have to bear the consequences.

In your case, you are just trying to avoid their message by making them think you are busy since Snapchat won’t show active users. But forcefully, you have to replay their chat.

Apart from that, most of the time, people enable the ‘Airplane mode’ in their devices and then erase the chat thinking the other person will never know. However, this method will not work because the moment you turn off the Airplane mode then Snapchat will automatically execute your previous work.

How to Delete a Snap Without them Knowing or open?

Now, you know that Snapchat will automatically open the chat of a person when you delete it without opening it.

So, if you don’t want to talk to someone or respond to their message and remove it from the chat feed secretly then block that user.

Yes, blocking a person from your account will instantly take off someone’s new chat from a feed. Plus, they will also only see the ‘Delivered’ text but not ‘Opened’.

Note: If you block someone on Snapchat then they will be automatically removed from your ‘Friends List’. And when you unblock them then a user will see the “Add” button in your chat from their side.

  1. Access your Snapchat account.
  2. Tap on the “Chat” icon from the footer left side.
    Snapchat chat icon
  3. Select and long-tap on the user chat or profile from the screen.
  4. Tap on the “Manage Friendship” button.
    Snapchat manage friendship
  5. Select the red “Block” button.
    block a user on Snapchat
  6. Confirm to block a person or account.
    block on Snapchat

What Happens If Someone Sends a Message If I Delete Snapchat?

User can delete their Snapchat in two ways that is by uninstalling the app or removing their account permanently.

If you only delete the Snapchat app from your Android and iPhone then your friends can still send you a message. The snaps will be delivered to your account successfully because your account is still available on the Snapchat server.

On the other side, if you request Snapchat to delete your account then people can’t send you a message. This is because your account will be no longer visible on Snapchat and will be automatically removed from another person’s friend list.

Besides, Snapchat will deactivate your account for the first 30 days until terminating it. In case, you change your mind and want to connect with your friends then you can re-activate your account within 30 days of deactivating.

Is It Worth It to Delete a Snap Before Opening It?

The answer to the above query depends on you and your intention.

If you are only escaping from someone’s message for a day or some time then just don’t do anything. Let a person send you a new chat and don’t open it. In this way, it looks like you are busy or offline.

However, if you are hiding the message of a person from someone then you can erase it from the chat feed. You can talk to them later on when you don’t have to hide it anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If You Clear Conversation on Snapchat Can You Get It Back?

You can’t undo the deleted messages on Snapchat but there is a way to download your account data that includes the chat message from the last few weeks.

What Does Clear from Chat Feed Mean on Snapchat?

When you clear the chat feed of someone from your Snapchat account then you can’t find their message from inbox anymore. All their old and new snap will be deleted automatically.


The process of eliminating the chat of someone without opening is a tricky part. You will get what you want but a person will see the ‘Opened’ message. So, it can feel like you are ignoring that user to them.