Send a Video from Camera Roll as a Snap, Not a Chat

How to Send a Video from Camera Roll as a Snap, Not a Chat

You can send a saved picture or video as a direct snap on Snapchat making people think it was your normal real-time snap. This is the trickiest process to use gallery media files as a purple or red snaps. So, how do you send a video from camera rol as a snap, not a chat?

To use video from camera roll on Snapchat as a real snap, you have to use the ‘Video Camera Roll’ filter or lenses. You have to go to your filters library and then apply it to your existing video.

In this article, we will talk about the step-by-step process to take a video on Snapchat from the gallery and send it as a snap without them knowing.

What Does Video Snap Look like on Snapchat?

Every media file you use on Snapchat has its own identity that helps to indicate to people what your content is all about.

When you take a real-time picture from a Snapchat camera and send it to your friend then it will indicate as “New Snap” with red color. Your snap will be hidden on chat and will only be visible when a person opens it.

Likewise, if you record a video and send it as a snap then it is also shown as “New Snap” but with purple color. Here, color separates the identity of content in a chat to let a person know about your message.

On the other side, if you receive a new message from someone then you will see “New Chat” in blue color. So, the color varies from chat to snap including video.

How to Send a Video from Camera Roll as a Snap, Not a Chat?

Normally when you pick an image or video from your phone gallery and send it then it will display as ‘New Chat’. Your message will be directly visible in the chat area and nothing looks like a snap.

So, to make the chat looks like a snap from a Snapchat camera you have to use filters from the lenses library.

Note: Make sure the Snapchat app is up-to-date and working properly. Besides, there is a movement of Snapchat filters from time to time that delete the old and add new one.

  1. Tap on the Snapchat app icon to open it.
  2. Tap on the “Smiley face” icon on the right side.
    Snapchat smiley face
  3. Select the “Explore” button at the right bottom area.
    Snapchat filter library
  4. Tap on the top “Search bar”.
  5. Type the “Video Camera Roll” keyword and hit enter.
  6. Select the filter from a creator ‘rudawmedia’ that has a video camera icon in the background of the lens.
    Snapchat video camera roll filter
  7. Here, choose the video from your gallery that you want to send as a snap.
  8. Long-tap and hold on to the filter icon or record it by matching with the video flow. Make sure you capture the entire video in a filter based on its length.
    video camera roll filter
  9. Next, tap on the yellow “Next” button at the bottom right side.
    next button
  10. Select a person or friend under “Recents”.
  11. Tap on the blue “Arrow or Send” button.
    send button

Now, your recorded video looks like a real snap in purple color and the other person will never know that you pick it from your camera roll.

Tip: You can also record a portion of a video rather than sending an entire 10 min long content that can be of a movie, series, or something similar.

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How to Send a Memory as a Snap, Not a Chat?

When you save something in your Snapchat then it will be available on “Memories”. It keeps the entire list of media files you archive or downloaded in your account.

Now, to use Snapchat memory as a snap with red or purple color in a chat, you have to first export it to your phone and then use the ‘Camera roll” lenses.

  1. Open your Snapchat account.
  2. Here, access the “Memories” by tapping on the two-image icon on the left side.
    Snapchat memories
  3. Select the saved image or snap under the “Snaps” tab.
    Snapchat memories snaps
  4. Tap on the “Three Dots” at the top right corner.
    three dots
  5. Choose the “Edit Snap” option.
    edit snap
  6. Tap on the “Export” button at the bottom left corner.
    Send a Video from Camera Roll as a Snap Not a Chat
  7. Swipe left from the right side in the footer area and select the “Download” button.
    download snapchat snap
  8. Now, go to the lens library from “Explore”.
    Snapchat filter library
  9. Search and pick “Camera Roll” for the image as snap and “Video camera roll” for video.
  10. Capture the video or image and send it.

Tip: You can pick a few months’ old contents from memories and use it as a normal snap that looks like fresh.

Can Someone Tell If You Send Video from Gallery as Snap Using Filter?

There is no way to know when you use Snapchat filters for sending existing pictures or videos from the camera roll as new a snap. The whole snap looks completely normal which you get while taking it from a Snapchat camera.

However, if someone knows you quite well and can tell the difference between your video or picture that is old and new then you can get caught. Other than this, people will never find out you are sending an old saved snap as new in a chat.

So, go for it without any worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Snap Pictures from Gallery as Normal Snap?

Yes, you can snap pictures from your gallery that looks like a real snap from an app camera.

Can You Tell If Snap is from Camera Roll?

If you directly pick a media file from the camera roll and send it then a person will know it was from your gallery. But if you use the ‘Camera Roll’ filter and convert the image as a snap then nobody can tell.


So, the technique for posting an image or video on Snapchat without saying from the camera roll is using lenses from the filter library. One thing you have to make sure is to pick the correct filter. Otherwise, some lenses don’t work and won’t convert it as a snap.