Mute original Audio on Instagram Reels

How to Mute Original Audio on Instagram Reels 2022

Do you want to mute original audio on Instagram?

When making reels on Instagram and posting them to your account then it will play the audio or sound by default.

You can also listen to the audio or music of someone’s reels whenever you are watching it.

But hearing the original sound of reels in a row can be irritating sometimes when you are watching only reel videos.

To mute your original sound of reels on Instagram you need to simply tap on the video and it will disable it.

Therefore, today we will talk about how to block original audio and music of Instagram reels of your own and someone else.

Can You Mute the Original Audio on Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can mute the original audio on Instagram reels before publishing the video and afterward.

It is also easier to disable the sound of someone’s reel video easily as long as they are available in your location.

Instagram reels are short 1-minute videos that you can post to your account.

The reel has all the same features which you can find in your Instagram feed video such as editing tools, adding text, adding sound or music, and more.

When you post a reel on Instagram then it will be available in full length that covers the whole phone screen.

To identify the Instagram reel, just look at the video, if there are no black borders at the top or bottom side then those are Instagram reels.

Similarly, there is no separate option for the audio whether to mute it or play along with the video.

You have to do it by yourself by tapping on the screen of the reel and it will disable the audio.

Most of the time tapping on the reel video will pause it instead of muting its sound.

For that issue, keep reading the complete article to find out its solutions.

How to Remove Sound from Instagram Reel Before Posting?

If you are posting reels in your account then you can disable the original sound which you’ve recorded.

Instagram allows you to publish a reel video even without the audio so that users can only watch the video.

Saying that you have to mute the sound of your reel before publishing it to your Instagram profile grid.

Note: The below mentioned steps are the same in both Android and iPhone devices for muting reels.

1. Open Your Instagram Account

The first thing you need to do is launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and Android device.

Next thing is to use your login details to access your account.

2. Create a Reel Video

create instagram reel

When you sucessfully log into your account then you need to make an Instagram reel video.

For that, tap on the “Your Story” icon that is located at the top left corner of the display.

There, you need to swipe left at the bottom side to locate the “Reel” option that will help you to make a reel.

Now, you can either create a reel using the Instagram camera or upload a reel on Instagram from the gallery.

Choose any method you want and finish creating a reel video.

3. Tap on ‘Next’ Button

reel next button

After making a reel then you need to tap on the “Next” button so that it allows you to let customize or edit your recorded reel.

Here, you choose various editing options such as music, voiceover, stickers, text, colors, and more.

4. Select the ‘Music’ Icon

Mute original Audio on Instagram Reels

Once you tap on the Preview button then it will take you to the reel editing area.

There, you have to tap on the “Music” icon which you can find at the top left side of the screen.

5. Tap on the “Controls” Button

mute reel original volume

After tapping on the music icon then it will open the music library of the Instagram reels.

There, you need to tap on the “Controls” button at the top left side.

6. Lower Original Audio

lower reel sound

There you can either minimize or maximize your reel audio or upload music from your camera roll.

But today you need to choose the “Camera Audio” option and lower its volume from 100% to 0.

Alternatively, you can also swipe the ‘Camera audio’ volume down or to your desired place for adjusting the real original audio.

7. Post Your Instagram Reel

post reel on instagram

After adjusting the audio controls of the Instagram reel, go back and tap on the “Next” button.

At last, tap on the “Share” blue button to publish your reel in your account without sound.

From this time, any visitor who watches your reel won’t be able to listen to your original sound.

They will only see the reel video of 60 seconds without having audio on it.

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How to Delete VoiceOver Sound from Instagram Reels Before Posting?

If you have recorded a reel on Instagram and added the voiceover to it then you can easily remove that before posting to your profile grid.

Users can both capture an original voice on a reel as well as add the voiceover and music.

If your reel was recorded at such a place where you can speak then you can put a voiceover later on.

The voiceover is the technique to add the original voice to pre-recorded video.

1. Access Your Instagram Account

So, you have to access your Instagram account by using the username and password of your account.

2. Make Reel on Instagram

create instagram reel

On the home screen, simply swipe right from the left side and then choose the “Reel” option.

This will let you take the reel video of your choice which you can do either by recording an original video or adding a pre-recorded one from your device gallery.

After that, tap on the “Next” button on the right side.

3. Tap on the ‘Music’ Icon

reel music icon

After tapping on the preview option and simply tap on the “Music” icon which you can find on the top side.

Similarly, you can also enable microphone access to Instagram video from that section too and from your phone settings.

4. Tap on the “Voiceover” Button

reel voiceover

Now, you can select the “Voiceover” icon on the header side where you recorded your voice in an existing video.

5. Tap on ‘X’ Button in Voice-Over

cancel reel voiceover

If you want to add a voice-over to the Instagram reel then you can tap and hold on to the red “Circle” button and record your original voice.

But at this time, you have to tap on the “X” icon that is located at the bottom left corner of the display.

6. Tap on ‘Discard’ Button

remove reel voiceover

When you tap on the ‘X’ button then you are deleting your recorded voice-over on reels.

If you are ok with that then tap on the “Discard” button to lose the latest voiceover clip you recorded earlier.

How to Turn Off Sound on Reels on Instagram?

When you share reels on your Instagram then it will be available in your profile grid and explore page.

Anyone can view your reel as long as you don’t make it private so that only friends can view it.

But if there is a public reel then every Instagram user can watch it and play the sound on it.

Instagram will automatically play the audio on a reel video by default which you have to turn off later on manually.

If you don’t want to get frustrated by the reel’s sound then you can mute it for all reels in a row.

In other words, if you disable the audio in one reel then you will be disabled in all upcoming reels in a row.

1. Access Your Instagram Account

So, use your username and password to access your Instagram account on your iPhone and Android devices.

2. Locate and Open the Reels

Now, you have to search for the reel which you want to mute from the bottom search icon on the left side.

There you can find tons of public reels which you can watch it without visiting someone’s profile.

In case you can’t find reels on explore page then go to someone’s account profile and tap on the “Video” icon at the bottom side.

3. Tap on the Reel Video

After accessing the reel video then you need to single-tap on the screen to mute the original audio on Instagram reels.

From that moment, you won’t hear the audio or music of someone’s reel video in a row.

All, the reel which you play and watch will not have sound by default until you restart Instagram or update it.

How to Mute Reels on Instagram Story on Mobile?

You can mute a reel when reposting to a story so that Instagram won’t show you their stories in the future.

When you mute someone’s Instagram stories then their story won’t appear in your home feed at the top.

Someone will never know that you’ve muted them on Instagram because it won’t send them a notification.

Now, here are the steps to mute someone’s story on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

1. Go to Your Instagram Home Screen

Open the Instagram app on your device which will take you to your account home page.

2. Long-tap on Someone’s Story

inatagram story

On your account home feed, you can view someone’s stories on the upper side.

So, there search and locate the story which you want to mute from now on and don’t want to see in the future.

3. Tap on the “Three Dots” Icon

mute Instagram story sound

After opening someone’s reel or story then you can tap on the “Three Dots” at the top right corner.

4. Select ‘Mute’ Option

mute Instagram story

After long-tapping on the story then you have to choose the “Mute” option from the drop-down menu.

5. Tap on ‘Mute Story” Button

remove Instagram sound

At last, it will ask whether you want to continue or leave it like that.

So, tap on “Mute Story” and you won’t be able to view your friend’s upcoming or next stories in your account.

Besides, to mute someone’s post or feed on Instagram you can select the “Mute Story & Posts” option.

How to Unmute Reels on Instagram?

If you have previously muted someone’s reels on Instagram then it will be muted until you manually unmute it again.

Instagram doesn’t automatically unmute the reels when you’ve turned it off in the past even though you refresh the app, update the Instagram, use VPN, and more.

The only way Instagram auto unmute the reels is when you delete your account and create a new one using the same sign-in details.

Therefore, to turn on sound on Instagram reels you need to single-tap on the reel video.

Why Can’t I Turn Off Sound on Reels?

Many users have reported that they can turn off the sound on reels for some reason.

Users can only pause the reel, not its speaker whenever they tap on the reel video.

Therefore, why you can’t mute the sound on reels?

  • You are using the outdated version of the Instagram app.
  • You need to clear the Instagram cache.
  • The reel feature is not still available in your location or country.
  • There is an internal bug in your account.
  • You are using the VPN to use your account.
  • The server of Instagram is down.
  • You need to refresh the Instagram app.
  • There is an issue with your current device.
  • You don’t have enough free space available on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reels Original Audio Remain on Video No Matter What and No Way to Mute?

If you created a reel and added music to it but still it plays your original sound then you have to re-upload the reel and lower the ‘Camera Audio’ volume.

How to Mute Instagram Reels By Default?

To mute Instagram reels by default, tap on the reel video on the middle side.

Can You Trim Audio In Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can easily trim audio on your Instagram reels.

How to Mute a Video on Instagram?

To mute an Instagramm video or IGTV you need to tap on the small “Speaker” icon from the bottom right corner of the video.


You can easily mute original audio on Instagram reels by following the above-mentioned methods. Just remember that the reels are available in your region so you can create one and turn off its sound. Besides, you can’t use the VPN on your mobile to use the ‘Reel’ feature on Instagram.