Remove Someone from Your Best Friends List Without Unadding

How to Remove Someone from Your Best Friends List Without Unadding Them

Snapchat will automatically make someone your best friend if you talk to them every day for hours. The same thing also goes for that person when they exchange messages, gifs, snaps, media files, and more. So, how do you remove someone from your best friends list without unadding them?

The fastest way to get someone off your best friends list on Snapchat is to remove them from your friend’s list and re-add them. But if you don’t want to unfriend them then you can replace your best friend emoji or stop your conversation.

In this article, we will talk about the necessary things that will be helpful to terminate Snapchat best friends from the chat area.

How Snapchat Best Friends is Calculated?

From the beginning, emojis have been the main star of Snapchat. If you have a birthday on Snapchat or want to see your conversation score then certain types of emojis appear in your account.

Similarly, the best friend emoji is also the same that shows how close you are to someone or chat every day. So, the Snapchat best friend is calculated based on the chat messages you exchange with someone.

When you talk with the same person on day to day basis then Snapchat will put a ‘BFF’ emoji in your display name. The Bff emoji will likey to change automatically over time to ‘Super Bff’ when you talk with someone for 2 months every day.

So, the longer the time you chat with a person, there will be a change in the best friend’s emojis.

How to Remove Someone from Your Best Friends List Without Unadding Them?

There are basically two ways to delete a person from your bfs, BFF, besties, or super BFF list without them knowing.

Note: Even though you change or hide your BFF list from your account then it will be still visible on another side of that person. So, only people from your side will never know who is your BFF or besties.

Change Your Best Friend Emoji on Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to select what types of emojis you want for your best friend. By default, there will be a smiling face with smiling eyes emoji for Bff. But you can replace it with your own selection or other random emojis from the ‘Custom Emojis’ list.

  1. Open your Snapchat app on your Android and iPhone.
  2. Tap on your “Avatar” icon at the top left side.
    Snapchat bitmoji icon
  3. Tap on the “Settings Gear” icon at the top right corner.
    Snapchat settings icon
  4. Under Privacy Control, select the “Customise Emojis” feature.
    Snapchat customize emojis
  5. Pick your current Best friend type or emojis that appear in your chat.
    Snapchat best friends types
  6. Select other random emojis from the list that can be abstract, sports, cooking, and more.
    change Snapchat BFF emojis
  7. Tap on the currently picked emoji at the top left side.

Pro Tip: Select a streak (Fire) emoji so that nobody will ever know your Bff. That’s because the fire emoji mean you are talking with someone every day and that can be with multiple people.

Cut Off Conversation with that Person for 48 hrs

Every emojis that appear on Snapchat have a time limit that will expire eventually. For example, you will see a ‘Cake’ emoji on your birthday only rather than every day.

So, the same thing also goes for the best friend. There will be a time period for how long the Bff emoji will appear in your profile which can vary from 24 hrs to days.

Besides, it also depends on how often you talk with your friend. If you share messages regularly then the Bff emoji will never disappear rather it will be super BFF.

Therefore, the point is you have to stop sending messages to a person when you want to remove the best friend icon. This will let Snapchat think that you are not cutting off your conversation and are no longer interested to them.

Just don’t talk, see or replay the message for 48 hrs and you won’t see a smiling face with a smiling eyes icon in your display name.

Pro Tip: You can talk with a person on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, or TikTok. In this way, it doesn’t feel like you are cutting off your interest in that person on Snapchat and it won’t look suspicious.

Why Is Someone I Don’t Snap on My Best Friends List?

There is no way Snapchat will put someone to your best friends list out of nowhere. When you chat frequently with someone then they will be only added as BFF with a happy face.

But for some reason, if you see a BFF emoji next to your chat to whom you don’t snap yet then there is a glitch on Snapchat. If something is wrong with the algorithm then it will throw random stuff in user accounts.

The same glitch issue was found last year on Snapchat making random people your besties. But after a new rollout of a new update then the problem was fixed.

So, you have to update your Snapchat app if you find something unusual behavior in your account. Besides, log out and log in to check whether the issue is in your device only or not.

Other than this, you can even clear the cache of Snapchat when the bestie happy emoji is automatically placed by your chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Someone Know When You Are Not Best Friends With Them?

Snapchat best friends act differently on users’ accounts. If both of a person stop chatting then both of you will know you are not BFFs anymore. But sometimes, there can be a BFF icon in your account but not in your friend chat.

How Long Does Best Friend Emoji Appear on Snapchat?

Best friends emoji will appear on Snapchat as long as you share and exchange messages from both sides.


In this way, you can now hide your BFF from someone completely and don’t have to even remove that person from your account.

But if you are a boyfriend or girlfriend and talking with someone on Snapchat then better choose other messaging platforms. You will eventually can get caught one time or another even though you change emojis.