Why Snapchat Voice Changer Not Working [Solved] 2023

Do you know why Snapchat’s voice changer is not working?

You can easily change your voice on Snapchat while talking or recording a snap or video.

All you have to do is choose the voice changer filter or lenses, and then start recording your voice with a video.

Unfortunately, some users reported that they couldn’t use the voice filter on Snapchat for some reason.

So, today you will learn how to use the Snapchat voice filter properly and fix the common issue related to the audio changer on Snapchat.

Quick Answers:

  • You can use a voice changer filter or lens on Snapchat.
  • There is no way to change your voice on Snapchat after recording.
  • If you are unable to select the voice changer option while taking a photograph or video,
  • The user can save their favorite voice changer filter or lens in their account.
  • If you don’t like the filter you are using on your snap or video, then you can switch to another one.

What is the Snapchat voice filter?

Snapchat’s voice filter is basically the voice-changer tool that allows you to change your real voice into a robot, frog, speaker, baby, and more.

The voice filter changes the way you interact with the app and post stories to your account.

When you are tired of posting a regular story, you can give it a try with a voice filter or lenses.

The working principle of the voice changer on Snapchat is simple and straightforward: select the filter you like and then take a snap.

By default, you can’t find the voice changer option in your account, so you have to search for it yourself from the “Explore” area.

Similarly, if you don’t like exploring the same filter over and over again, you can simply save it and then use it later on.

stating that you can save and replace the voice-changer filter on your Snapchat at any time.

Why is the Snapchat voice changer not working?

There are lots of factors that will prevent you from changing your voice on Snapchat snaps or videos.

When you use one of the voice filters, it will change your voice after the recording.

You can’t tell if your voice was captured while recording it in the early stages.

However, if Snapchat does not change your voice to your preferred voice, here are some possible explanations:

1. The Snapchat Voice Filter is no longer available.

The voice filter that you use on Snapchat will be removed by the creator.

Every time you see the voice filter, it was uploaded by the creator, not by the Snapchat developer itself.

Following that, you can create your own voice filter for Snapchat and upload it for other people to use.

But if the Snapchat voice changer is not working, then maybe the original creator has disabled or removed his or her voice filter.

2. Unsupported Voice Filter

Most of the time, some Android devices won’t support the voice changer on Snapchat for some reason.

I recently found that one of my friend’s Samsung devices couldn’t activate the voice changer, but it was pretty good on iPhones.

Therefore, if you can’t use the audio changer on your device, try to use it on another phone.

If everything is good on your other device, then you have to update your device’s OS.

3. Internet problem

Every filter or lens on Snapchat requires a stable internet connection so that you can activate it in your snap or video.

If there is a slow internet connection, you can use the filter but can’t change your voice.

This is why you have to check whether you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi or not.

4. Snapchat Server Issue

The server plays an important role in giving you access to your account.

When the app server is down, you won’t be able to use the Snapchat app properly and will see the error.

In this situation, maybe the server for Snapchat is down at the time you are using the voice filter.

5. Active VPN Service

Do you have a habit of using the VPN on your device so that you can change your Snapchat location without enabling “Ghost Mode”?

If yes, then you don’t have to do that if you are using other features in your account, such as using filters or lenses, sharing your snap map, adding music to your snaps, and more.

As said earlier, the voice changer that you find on Snapchat was developed by the creator.

Some creators use the location on their filter so that only a specific region of users can use it.

If your location is outside of the filter’s default location, then you can’t use it in your account.

6. Snapchat App Is Now Obsolete

If the Snapchat voice changer is not working, then make sure your app is up-to-date.

Most of the time, users won’t update their installed apps on their device when they first download them.

This will cause an issue if you are trying to use the new feature on the app, which has become popular and viral over time.

How to Fix the Snapchat Voice Changer Not Working Issue

If there is a common issue in the app, then you can easily fix it by following the methods mentioned below.

However, if the issue is complicated, then it will take time to solve the problem, which I personally won’t lie about.

Therefore, give it a try, and who knows, it might fix the voice-changing issue in your account.

1. Check your Internet connection.

If the Snapchat voice changer is not working, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection.

When your device is connected to a poor internet connection, it will take time to load the voice effect on Snapchat.

You can easily capture the filter effect, but the voice effect will load a little bit slowly based on your WiFi signal and its strength.

In case there is an issue with your internet, you can either restart your router to fix it or call your ISP for troubleshooting.

In the meantime, you can also check your mobile data to see whether the internet is the issue or not.

2. Restarting Snapchat from scratch.

When there is a temporary bug in the app, it can malfunction and affect your account.

If that happens, then you need to restart the Snapchat app and take a look at the voice effect.

If the Snapchat voice effect is still not working, force close and reconnect the app.

This will eliminate the minor bugs and patches in the app that are stored for various reasons, such as linking your account to a third-party tool, downloading APK apps on your device, and more.

Here’s how to force-close and reopen the Snapchat app.

  1. Go to your device’s settings area.
  2. There, locate and open the “Apps” option from the list.
  3. Now, search for “Snapchat” and then access it.
  4. Thereafter, tap on the “Force Stop” button on the bottom side.

3. Use a microphone.

If you’re using Snapchat’s voice changer effect, make sure to speak up.

This is because Snapchat will have to capture your voice and then convert it to your selected voice changer.

If it won’t hear your voice, then you might have trouble activating the voice changer effect in the snap or video you take.

For the best audio, you can use the “microphone” and then start recording your voice.

4. Reinstall the Snapchat app.

I already mentioned earlier that if you are using the outdated version of Snapchat, then it will cause trouble for you.

When you can easily use all the features on your other device or your friend’s phone but not on your own, then update the app.

Moreover, updating the app is also a good way to get hands-on with the new features that the developer has included in their system.

Therefore, follow the following steps to update your Snapchat app:

  1. Go to the “Google Play Store.”
  2. There, tap on your profile icon, which you can find on the top right side.
  3. Now, select the “Manage & Apps” option.
  4. The next thing is to tap on the “Manage” tab and then the “Updates Available” tab.
  5. Now, locate the Snapchat update in the list, and then update it.

If you are using the iPhone, then you have to go to your “App Store,” choose your “profile icon,” and then update the Snapchat app under the “Available Updates” area.

5. Delete Snapchat’s Cache

Most Snapchat users may be unaware of how the Snapchat cache feature works.

Well, the Snapchat cache will store the duplicate data on your device so that it can load the app faster than before.

If you use the same feature over and over again, it will store a copy of your action and run it when you are about to use that same option for quicker processing.

But if the cache is full, then it won’t be good for your account, which will cause the issue.

Therefore, here are the steps to clear the cache on the Snapchat app.

  1. Run your Snapchat app.
  2. Go to your account settings by tapping on your “Bitmoji Avatar” from the top left side.
  3. Next, tap on the “Settings Gear” icon on the right side.
  4. Now, scroll down and tap on the “Clear Cache” option.
  5. At last, confirm the action.

6. Examine the Snapchat Voice Changer Compatibility Issue.

You should also check your device’s compatibility with Snapchat’s voice-changing effect.

Some devices will be unable to use the Snapchat voice effect for reasons other than those caused by the app or device.

In that case, you need to switch over to other devices and then check the issue.

7. Confirm the Snapchat server

The Snapchat server is another reason why the Snapchat voice changer is not working on your phone.

When the server is down, it can also hit the voice filter or lenses, making them unable to be used.

Therefore, go to the “DownDetector” website in your browser and then check the server status of Snapchat.

If you find anything, then wait for some time until the developer team fixes the issue.

8. Search for Snapchat Lens

You can’t directly use the Snapchat voice changer filter in the snap while recording.

Users have to first choose the filter they want to use and then record with that effect.

For a reminder, lenses change the appearance of the video after recording, not at the beginning.

Therefore, go to the filter or lens area and then search for the voice effect, whether it’s available or not.

9. Use Third-Party Voice Changer Apps

In case you can’t find any voice changer effects on Snapchat, you can use a third-party app called “Voice Changer FX” or “UnicTool MagicVox” to change your real voice into something extraordinary.

All you have to do is record a video on your mobile device, upload it to Snapchat, and apply the effect.

Besides, the Voice Changer FX has some of the best effects, such as robot talk, alien voice, echo, helium inhalation, squirrel, and more.

10. Get in touch with Snapchat Customer Service.

If you still can’t fix the Snapchat voice changer not working or the loading issue on your device, then do reach out to the helpdesk.

You can contact the Snapchat support team and then appeal to them about the issue you are facing in your account.

Rather than complaining about everything at once, address the main topic of your problem one at a time.

How to Use the Voice Changer on Snapchat

It is simple to use the voice change feature on Snapchat to change your actual voice to female, male, robot, animal, and more.

You just need to have an updated version of the app and your own account.

Now, follow the following steps to change your voice on Snapchat on Android and iPhone:

  1. Run the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “smiley face” icon on the right bottom side.
  3. Now, select the “Explore” option from the bottom right corner.
  4. In the search bar, type the “voice changer” keyword and hit enter.
  5. Now, you can pick various types of voice-changer filters on Snapchat and apply them.

How to Restore the Snapchat Voice Filter

Some users have reported that the voice changer filter, or lens, is no longer available in their accounts.

when they have been using the same filter for over a year but suddenly can’t find it in their favorite area.

So, why is Snapchat’s voice filter no longer available?

You have to understand that the voice filter or effect is created by the creators, who are just normal Snapchat users.

When someone makes a filter or lens, they can upload or sell it to Snapchat for public use.

If the creator didn’t sell their lenses, then they will have the right to enable and disable them whenever they want.

Therefore, if you can’t see the voice filter that you are using in your account, maybe its creator has removed it or disabled it for some time.

In that case, you can use tons of other voice-changer effects on Snapchat from the “Explore” area.


How to Change Your Voice on Snapchat

To change your voice on Snapchat, tap on the “smiley face” icon and then choose the “Explore” option. Next, search for the effect you want to use and activate it on your snap or video.

Snapchat Voice Changer Filter Name: Why?

If you don’t know the name of that voice changer filter on Snapchat, you can view it from the “Explore” section just by typing the “Voice Changer” keyword.


There are different methods to solve Snapchat voice changer not working or loading, which you can try out on your mobile phone on Android and iOS. Just remember to update the app, clear the Snapchat cache, and check your internet in the first phase, and later on, you can go after other solutions.