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How Many People Can You Follow on TikTok [Solved] 2022

Do you know how many people can you follow on TikTok?

You can follow anyone on Tiktok whether it’s a private or public account.

But you have to stay under the limit otherwise you will receive a message “You’re following too fast” or “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!”.

This will cause irritation when your goal is to have tons of followers in your Tiktok account without using the Tiktok auto-followers tools.

So, today we will talk about everything about the Tiktok followers and its limitation per hour, per day, per month, and all-time limit.

Along with that, we will also show you the way to fix the ‘You’re following too fast’ issue and other more.

Quick Answers:

  • You can follow almost 10,000 accounts on Tiktok in total.
  • It doesn’t matter where you reach the total following limit per day or week or month.
  • If you follow way too many accounts or users per day then Tiktok will block your following option and put a restriction on it.
  • If you don’t want to see the follow limit in your account then you can use the ‘Auto-follow’ third-party tools or apps.
  • Following and then unfollowing users on Tiktok each and every time will affect your account.
  • Tiktok can shadowban or suspend your account if you use the ‘Follow and unfollow’ method to increase followers in your account.
  • Tiktok has the following limit to prevent any spammy work in the system.

What is TikTok Follow Limit?

Tiktok has policy and community guidelines that how many users or accounts you can follow per hour, per day, or in total.

It allows the prevention of spammy work in their system by using the auto-followers or auto-likes in Tiktok.

For instance, an average person might have known around 600 to 900 people in Tiktok or have friends from all around the world.

If there is more than 1000 following into your account in a day or month then it will immediately go into the unusual activity.

Most of the time, people tend to follow thousands of people when they first create an account so that they can increase their followers.

When you follow and unfollow people to increase followers on your account most of the time then it is against Tiktok’s community guidelines.

In simple words, you can only follow a limited number of accounts on Tiktok it would be great for you to prevent any limit restriction, shadowban, or suspend the account.

Does TikTok Have Follow Limit?

Yes, Tiktok does have a follow limit per day so that you can follow people you know.

In other words, your daily following limit will end if you follow way too many users at the same time.

You will also be more likely to see the “You’re following too fasterror message in your account and it won’t go away for a long time if you still continue to do the same thing.

Therefore, if you exceed your follow limit then your account will get in trouble and you will have to do a lot of effort to lift the follow limit.

How Many People Can You Follow on TikTok?

You can follow 10,000 accounts on Tiktok in total which is the maximum limit for a single account.

The number of followers is quite reasonable on Tiktok compared to other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

For example, Facebook allows you to have 5,000 friends only in a single account whereas Instagram allows you to follow only 7,500 users in total.

But when it comes to the Tiktok, you have a huge number of 10k which is basically good for you.

Following that, there is no way that you will remember and know all 10k people on Tiktok.

You will likely know the maximum number of 2,000 people to whom you’ve to watch their content.

If there are 10k followers in a single account then you will likely be noticed by Tiktok for spam purposes.

Other than this, Tiktok limits the following request based on the time and day which we are going to talk about in the below topic.

Tiktok Follow Limit Per Day

If you think that you can follow all 10,000 people on TikTok at once then you are wrong.

There is a follow limit per day that allows you to follow only certain accounts in 24 hours time period.

When you start to follow a random number of accounts then you will likely see the “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” error message.

So, how does Tiktok follow a limit per day works?

How Many People I Can Follow on TikTok a Day?

You can only follow about 200 accounts per day on Tiktok.

The number of limits also depends on the age of the account for how long it has been since a user created their Tiktok.

If you had a Tiktok account for more than 1 year then you might get a chance to follow more than 200 users per day.

But for the newcomers who have recently created their Tiktok then they will have to stick with the following limit.

Tiktok Follow Limit Per Hour

Unlike the follow limit per day, Tiktok even has a restriction on hourly following.

You will also be more likely to get stuck with the hour follow limitation in your account whether you have a new account or an old one.

How Many People Can I Follow on TikTok Per Hour?

You can follow about 15 people in one single session while using the app.

In 60 minutes time period, it will allow you to follow almost 30 people in your Tiktok account.

However, the following limit per hour doesn’t always work in Tiktok.

There are lots of accounts that can follow up to 100 and more accounts per hour without any disturbance.

Therefore, it varies from account to account whether you have a new one or an existing one to use the following request.

Can I Follow More than 10k on TikTok?

There are tons of unclaimed news on the internet that you can go over 10k followers in your Tiktok account.

So, there is no actual evidence that you can follow more than 10,000 people on Tiktok without any restriction over a few months.

But if we go according to the Tiktok community guidelines, then it states that you can only follow 10k users on Tiktok not more than that.

For that, I personally did the experiment by creating a Tiktok that used the auto-follow tool like “Fueltok” to follow people.

After the experiment, I can manage to follow almost 9,500 people without any trouble but somehow it still shows the “You’re following too fast” and “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” error messages.

So, yes you can easily follow 10k users on Tiktok but can’t go more than 10k.

Does Following too Fast on TikTok Trigger Shadowban?

Shadowban is the blocking feature that Tiktok uses to prevent users’ content from appearing on the ‘ForYou’ page.

When Tiktok shadowban your video then you will see a decrease in like, viewers, and comment on that particular video.

You will see the instant traffic down in your content because your video is shadowbanned by Tiktok for violating their community guidelines.

But does following too fast can trigger shadowban on Tiktok?

There is no evidence that Tiktok will shadowban your account or content for following too fast but there is a chance.

When you follow multiple accounts that are more than 100 or 200 in a single day then it will go against Tiktok’s community guidelines for spammy work.

If Tiktok finds out multiple spammy works in your account then it can shadowban your account.

Typically people tend to follow multiple users wishing they will also receive follow back.

But it doesn’t lead them anywhere except the Tiktok irrelevant or unsolicited work that comes against their policy.

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to follow 500or 600 accounts at once in a single day.

How to Auto-follow on TikTok to Exceed Follow Limit?

If you have a Tiktok account that already has 10,000 followers then you have to think twice to exceed more than the limit.

There is no way that Tiktok allows you to have more than 10k followers in a single account even using the auto-follow apps.

So, the only way to exceed the Tiktok follow limit is to create another Tiktok account.

Yes, you will need to create a second account on Tiktok and add the link to your first (Primary) account in your profile bio.

In this way, you will not violate the policy and community guidelines of Tiktok and they also won’t ban your account.

Following that, if Tiktok bans your account then there is no way you can get it back even after the appeal.

You will lose your account and the time you’ve spent to reach the 10k followers.

Why Does TikTok Not Let Me Follow Anyone?

Tiktok has a strict policy of following people along with likes, comments, and publishing content.

If Tiktok doesn’t let you follow people then you either might have reached the follow limit per day, week, month and total or you’ve violated the community guidelines of Tiktok.

If there is a limit then you can wait some time could be either days or months then start following.

But in case of a violation, you have to appeal to Tiktok to lift the restriction on your account.

How to Fix “You’re Following Too Fast” on TikTok?

There are various ways to fixYou’re following too fast’ or ‘You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!’ issue in your Tiktok.

One of the best solutions for that is to sit back and wait until the limitation lifts out automatically.

If you can’t follow someone on Tiktom anymore then you don’t have to do anything except check your content analytics to whether it has affected your account or not.

After a couple of hours or days, you can again start following someone’s account without receiving an error message.

Why There are Too Many Follow Requests on TikTok?

If you are getting way too many follow requests on Tiktok then there are only three things that you need to look after.

First, you are popular because of the videos which you’ve posted on your account.

Second, someone has shared your Tiktok account or profile link to third-party websites or locations and it is converting traffic from there.

Third, someone is using the auto-follow apps or tools in their account to increase their traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is There a Daily Follow Limit on TikTok?

Yes, there is a 50-200 follow limit on Tiktok.

What Happenes When You Get 10k Followers on TikTok?

When you have 10k followers in your Tiktok account then you can’t follow any more accounts.

Do People Get Paid on TikTok?

Yes, Tiktok pays people based on their live broadcasts and views in their videos.

Why Did TikTok Unfollow Everyone I Follow?

If your following is decreasing on Tiktok automatically then you might have broken the policy and community guidelines.

Is There a Way to Mass Unfollow on TikTok?

Yes, you can mass follow on Tiktok using the auto-generated follow tool called Fueltok”.

How Do You Get Verified on TikTok?

To get verified on Tiktok you must have tons of followers, views, and likes in your videos as well as all you’re followers in your account should be original, not auto-generated.


Now, you might have found your answers regarding ‘how many people can you follow on Tiktok’ as well as ‘Tiktok follow limit’. Unless you don’t violate Tiktok’s policy and don’t follow multiple accounts at a single time in a day, you are good to go.