How to Turn On Mic on TikTok When Using Sound 2023 [Solved]

If you want to record a voice on TikTok then you have to turn on a mic on TikTok when using sound. After the microphone on TikTok is enabled, it will capture your voice and sound.

But most of the time, when TikTokers are recording a video with sound then they can’t capture their voice. This is because you didn’t have allowed ‘Microphone’ permission for TikTok on your device.

After giving the grant access for TikTok to use your device’s microphone then you can listen to your sound or voice in a video.

So, in this article, we have steps to turn on the mic on TikTok when using sound and Tiktok duets. We will have various options to do so in the most simple way possible.

What is TikTok Mic?

The mic on TikTok allows you to capture your voice when you are saying something or singing a song. Suppose, you want to do karaoke then you must need to record your real-time voice so that others can listen to it.

Now, a Mic will simply enable or turn on your device’s microphone and connects it to the Tiktok app. All the processes are done within the internal automated process of TikTok.

You only have to connect your TikTok account to your device settings.

Once the device is fully merged with Tiktok the microphone will automatically start to sense your voice. This way, you can sing well with your friends or make a TikTok duet with someone.

How to Enable Microphone Access on TikTok?

There is one thing you need to do even before recording a sound on TikTok with a mic. That is to grant permission for Tiktok to use your phone microphone or mic.

If you want to record a video but there is no sound on it then it will not grab the attention of users. So, sound is important in any video when it comes to TikTok.

There should be a proper vision as well as audio representation in your TikTok video.

Allow Microphone Access on Tiktok on Android

For every Android user, you can follow the following steps to give permission for TikTok to access your device’s microphone.

1. Go to Your Device Settings

The first step is to open your device settings from where you can access the installed TikTok app settings.

So, simply tap on the “Settings Gear” icon on your device’s home page. Or you can swipe down from the upper side of your phone to open the settings option.

2. Tap on Apps and Select TikTok

After you access your phone settings then you have to access the TikTok app.

For that, scroll down and tap on the “Apps” option and then tap on the “Manage Apps” option.

Now, you will see the list of apps that are installed on your Android device. So, here you will need to search for the “Tiktok” app and open it.

3. Choose Permission and Select Microphone

Once the TikTok app is completed and accessed then tap on “App Permission”.

Here you will see tons of options to whom you can give permission for Tiktok from your phone.

So, select the “Microphone” option to grant access to TikTok.

4. Enable the Microphone

At last, you can either allow or deny the microphone access for Tiktok.

But here you will need to tap on the “Allow” dot option and it will activate the mic for TikTok.

Allow Microphone Access on Tiktok on iOS

For every iPhone user, you can follow the following steps to give permission for TikTok to access your device’s microphone.

1. Access your iPhone Settings

If you use the TikTok app on your iPhone then you have to first go to your iOS settings.

The only way to access iPhone settings is to tap on the “Settings Gear” icon that is located on the iPhone home screen.

2. Select Tiktok App and Open It

Once you are in your iPhone settings section then you will have to locate the TikTok app.

On iOS, users can directly access the entire installed app right after going to their device settings at the bottom side.

So, scroll down at the end and tap on “TikTok” to open it.

3. Grant Access to Microphone Option

After accessing the TikTok app then look after the ‘Microphone’ section.

Here, you will have to tap on the “Allow” option to enable the mic for TikTok.

You can disable microphone access for TikTok anytime you want by selecting the “Deny” option.

How to Turn On Mic on TikTok When Using Sound?

In order to turn on the TikTok microphone, you will have to first create a TikTok account to upload a video with voice. Next, you will have to choose the sound which you like and create a video with it. Once done, the user will have to do a ‘Voice-over’ and add your real voice.

But before that, you will have to enable the Microphone access for TikTok after creating an account.

Here, first, follow the above-mentioned steps to activate mic access for TikTok, and then follow the rest of the below steps to use the mic on TikTok with sound.

1. Open Tiktok app in your Device

First thing is to tap on the TikTok icon to open the app on your device.

You can follow the same steps on both iPhone and Android devices.

2. Tap on the plus “+” icon

After opening your TikTok app as well as your account then tap on the “+” icon that is located at the bottom side.

This will take you to the section where you can record a video or add pictures for TikTok.

3. Record a Video and Tap on “Sound”

Once you tap on the plus icon then it will start the recording.

So, make original content or you can copy other content to make a video.

After recording a video that you like to do then tap on the “Sound” option that is located at the upper side.

It will enable the music library of TikTok from where you can choose and add your preferred music to your photo slideshow or video.

4. Select Music and Tap on “Volume”

Now, you have to choose the song or soundtrack which you like to add to your video and later on use the original voice using the mic.

After adding sound to your video then tap on the “Volume” option that is located at the bottom right corner.

5. Adjust the Original Sound and Added Music

Here you can edit or adjust the volume of added music as well as your original voice which you have recorded with a microphone.

So, play with ‘Sound’ and ‘Volume’ to adjust the overall volume according to your needs.

If you like to lower the added music then hover down the “Sound” option to the minimum.

And if you like to lower your original sound then hover down the “Volume” option to a minimum.

6. Publish Your Video with Sound

After adjusting your added sound and original voice then save the changes.

At last, edit your video with effects or filters if you want and publish it.

In this way, you can use a mic on TikTok with sound.

How to Use Mic on TikTok?

There is a simple way to use Mic on Tiktok to record your video. You don’t have to download and install additional third-party apps or software to use the microphone on TikTok.

So, the easiest process to activate Mic or microphone for TikTok is to enable ‘Microphone permission for Tiktok’ from your device. Yes, you have to first activate the mic access in your phone and then it will capture your voice.

Once the mic is completely activated in your device then TikTok will start to use your device’s microphone for its voice. It means when you record a video and wants an original sound then you can have it easily.

But, the microphone is not properly activated and there is no permission allowed for TikTok to use a mic, you can’t record your voice. In this way, whenever you record an original video then you won’t hear your voice.

So, go to your device ‘Settings’ and give permission for TikTok to use your device’s microphone.

At last, you can use the mic on TikTok with sound.

How to Use My Mic on TikTok without Duet?

As you know, you can do a TikTok duet with someone’s else Tiktok video. TikTok duet means to make a video of your with Tiktok video side by side.

Duet allows you to do an impression of someone Tiktokers or make a meme from it.

You can either do just an impression or record your voice and start doing impressions. For that, you must enable the “Mic” option in the Tiktok duet.

Once the ‘Mic’ is activated or enabled then you will find your original voice along with the Tiktok video on the side.

So, here are the simple steps to use the mic on Tiktok duet video on Android and iPhone.

1. Open Tiktok app in Your Device

So, open the Tiktok app on your device on Android and iPhone.

You have to log in to your device if you haven’t connected your account.

2. Select the Video for Duet

After your account is linked with Tiktok then choose the video which you want to duet.

You can select any video you like to duet but it must be available.

Sometimes, users will disable the ‘Duet’ feature in your content so that nobody can make a video of them for a duet.

3. Tap on the “Arrow” button and select the “Duet” option

Once you select the Video for the duet then tap on the “Arrow” button on the right side.

You will find the arrow button just below the ‘Comment’ option.

So, after tapping on the arrow button then select the “Duet” option at the bottom side.

As I said earlier, if you can’t find a duet option then look after other videos.

4. Tap on the “Mic” button and activate it

Now, TikTok will process your selected video for a duet within a few seconds.

The overall processing may take time if a video’s length is longer which is 3 to 6 minutes.

Once the duet processing time is completed then tap on the “Mic” option from the right side.

5. Record a Video for a Duet

Now, you have activated the “Mic” for the TikTok duet so you can start recording your video.

Therefore, tap on the red ‘Record’ button and make an impression for a duet.

6. Tap on “Volume” and Adjust the Sound

Once the duet recording is completed then you need to adjust the volume of the duet.

If you can’t manage the video sound then the original sound and duet video sound will strike together.

So, tap on the “Volume” option that is located on the right side.

Now, adjust the volume according to your needs whether you want your original voice louder or the duet video to sound louder.

7. Post Your Video with Duet

After arranging the volume of the Tiktok duet then publish your video. In this way, you can use the mic on Tiktok with sound on a duet.

You can now find your duet video in your profile section.

Why is there a No Mic Option on TikTok?

There are various reasons why there is no mic option on Tiktok. When you want to start a TikTok duet then you will easily find the “Mic” option on the right side.

After enabling the ‘Mic’ option then it will start to capture your voice.

So, here are the possible reasons along with solutions to use ‘Mic’ on Tiktok.

Reasons for Tiktok Mic not Working

  • The video is not available for the Tiktok duet.
  • Users have disabled their videos for making a duet.
  • You haven’t enabled Microphone permission for Tiktok yet.
  • Your device microphone is not working.

Solutions for Tiktok Mic Not Working

  • Clear the Tiktok cache data and files.
  • Grant microphone permission for Tiktok.
  • Restart your device and check the mic.
  • Update the Tiktok app from time to time.
  • Reinstall the Tiktok app

How to Turn on My Camera and Microphone on TikTok?

If you want to turn on your camera and microphone for TikTok to record a video then you have to enable the entire ‘Tiktok Permission’ in your device.

Simply go to your device settings and access the TikTok app settings as well.

There you will find the “App Permission” option available from where you can give permission for the camera, microphone, location, and more.

So, you just need to enable the “Microphone” and “Camera” permission. For that, select ‘Camera’ and tap on ‘Allow’ and vice-versa.

Once the permission is allowed then restart your TikTok app or simply refresh it.

Now, you can use a TikTok camera as well as a microphone to record and capture your real voice.

How to Get Unmuted on TikTok?

If you have ever been to TikTok live then you may have been muted at one time or another. When you say something or ask for something then they will mute your voice from hearing.

You will see you’ve been muted for some reason in a Livestream of TikTok.

Besides, you can also get muted for commenting in Live or sending messages that are legit, normal, safe, and original. Even though you didn’t comment on any illegal and harassing words in a comment section then they will mute you.

The reason for getting muted on Tiktok is still unknown. But the common reason is that users didn’t like your comment or don’t want to hear anything from you in their live video.

So, if you get muted on TikTok for some reason then you have to leave the live and join once again. This will simply unmute you on Tiktok and you can do anything just like earlier.

But don’t repeat the same process over and over again. The users will permanently ban you from Tiktok and you won’t be able to talk or join their live.


Why Can’t I Duet a TikTok?

If you can’t duet on Tiktok then a user may have disabled the ‘Duet’ option from their video. This is why you won’t see the duet feature available on a video.

How Do You Talk Over a TikTok Sound?

If you want to talk over a Tiktok sound then you should first recognize the correct frequency. It means getting the frequency dial as well as the tuning fork. When the tuning fork is perfectly matched or combined with the tuning dial then you will receive a matched frequency.

How to Use External Mic with TikTok?

To use an external mic on Tiktok you can use the headphone jack. It will capture or record your voice even better and clear compared to the device mic.

Besides, you can also download the mic app on your device and record from it.


At last, you can turn on the mic on Tiktok when using sound with the help of the above-mentioned steps. You have to first enable microphone access on your phone and then add the sound after recording a video.

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