Unpin TikTok Videos

How to Unpin TikTok Videos 2022

Do you want to unpin TikTok videos?

When your Tiktok account is growing and you want to increase the views and likes in your Tiktok then you can pin some of the videos.

The pinned videos will be visible at the top of your Tiktok profile with the red text ‘Pinned’.

But if a video already has tons of views and you want to get views in other videos then you can remove the pinned content.

To unpin videos on Tiktok you need to go to your account profile and click on the pinned video. Then click on the ‘three dots’ on the right side and click on the ‘Unpin’ option.

Today we will talk about how to unpin Tiktok videos on Android and iPhone devices.

What Does Pinned Mean on TikTok Video?

When someone pins a video on Tiktok then it means that content is important for them for some reason.

The pinned Tiktok video can be popular, has some informative data, and tries to spread some messages or others.

But most of the time when someone pins a video on their Tiktok profile then that content has tons of views and likes.

People tend to put the most viewed and liked videos at top of their profile so that they can be even more popular.

Other than this, if someone is promoting their business then they can also put their products list as a pinned video. Therefore, pins can be anything on Tiktok videos and comments.

Can You Unpin Videos on TikTok?

Yes, you can unpin pinned videos on Tiktok.

The pinned Tiktok video will remain in your profile until you remove it manually.

If you unpin a video then it will be back to its original place where it belongs.

In other words, if you pinned a video from 1  month ago and you unpin it then it will be placed in the same location where it was created.

There will be no changes in the time and date of the pinned video.

How to Unpin TikTok Videos [Android and iPhone]

It is simple to unpin Tiktok videos on your device as long as you know the correct process.

You also need to have a pinned video so that you can lift the pin. If none of the content is pinned then you can’t unpin it.

Therefore, follow the following steps to unpin a video on Tiktok on Android and iPhone.

Step 1. Open Tiktok App in Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is open the Tiktok app on your android and iPhone devices.

Thereafter, use your login credentials to access your account if required.

Step 2. Go to Your Tiktok Profile Area

tiktok profile

When you accessed your account sucessfully then you have to go to your profile section.

This is where you can find your posted Tiktok videos and your account settings section.

Therefore, tap on your “Profile” avatar that is available at the bottom right corner of the home screen.

Step 3. Select the Pinned Tiktok Video

tiktok pinned video

After accessing your Tiktok account profile then you need to choose the video that was pinned from the upper side.

You can only pin three videos on Tiktok which is the maximum limit for all users.

The pinned video refers to the red ‘Pinned’ text on the left side of your published content.

Step 4. Tap on ‘Three Dots’ Option

unpin tiktok video

When you choose your pinned video then you need to access its settings area.

For that, tap on “Three Dots” from the bottom right corner under the favorite icon. This will where it will give you can access to that particular content setting.

Step 5. Tap on ‘Unpin’ Button

remove pinned tiktok video

At last, you need to search for the “Unpin” button at the bottom left side and tap to undo it.

When you see a ‘Pin’ text from ‘Unpin’ then you have successfully removed the pinned video from your Tiktok profile. You may need to refresh the profile to see the changes.

How to Unpin Videos on Tiktok in PC?

Sorry to say but you can’t unpin your Tiktok videos on PC using the official Tiktok website.

You will have limited features in the desktop version of Tiktok which you can access from your browser.

Saying that you also can’t pin any of your content from your profile on Tiktok. This is why you also can’t unpin videos of Tiktok on a PC.

Maybe in the future, Tiktok bring that features for its uses but for now, you have to do it from your mobile device.

However, if you use the Android emulator to access the Tiktok app then you can do anything just like on the mobile version of the Tiktok app. It allows you to download the mobile version of Tiktok easily without any issues.

What Happens When You Unpin Video on TikTok?

When you unpin the video on Tiktok then it will be removed from the top display of your account.

At first, you will see the red ‘Pinned’ text on the left side of your video but when you unpin it then it will display it.

Similarly, the video which you have to unpin will be located in its original place.

Suppose you use your 2-month-old video and pin it but when you remove the pin then it will be available in it the same place.

You have to scroll down in your Tiktok profile grid to locate the video which you’ve recently unpinned it.

Does Someone Know When You Unpin TikTok Videos?

Yes, people will know that you’ve unpinned a video on Tiktok if they regularly check your account for your new and updated content.

Suppose you have huge followers on Tiktok and you are catching the attention of the mass audience.

If you’ve pinned your content before to make it even more popular then people will see it in your profile display at the top.

But when you unpin your content then visitors will also know that your have unpinned that video. So, it depends on your viewers whether they notice your pinned content before or not.

Is It Necessary to Unpin a Video on TikTok?

Pinning a video on Tiktok depends on your preference and necessity. If you are looking to increase the views in your content then you can pin it to your profile.

But does it necessary to unpin a video on Tiktok?

Well, if the pinned content still doesn’t have your required views and likes then you leave it like that. It’s not necessary to unpin your pinned video as long as it doesn’t fulfill its destiny.

Once the video has fulfilled your requirements and you want to pin other videos then you can unpin it.

Since Tiktok only allows you to pin three videos so you have to choose wisely which content you want to show at first.

Apart from that, pinned content doesn’t affect your other published content. They will always be in the top area of your profile and your recently posted videos under them.

Why Can’t I Unpin a Video on TikTok Profile?

You can usually pin and unpin Tiktok videos in a simple way from the content settings.

But some users have reported that they can’t unpin a video on Tiktok no matter how many times they try to do it.

So, we have listed someone of the troubleshooting solutions to fix the Tiktok pin not working issue in your device.

Cause 1. Problem With Your Mobile Phone

  • Check your connected internet connection.
  • Update your device’s OS security from time to time.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Allow the Tiktok app in your permission settings.
  • Disable the VPN app on your phone.
  • Turn off the data saver on your device.
  • Reinstall the Tiktok app.

Cause 2. Problem With Tiktok App

  • Clear Tiktok cache data.
  • Reload the Tiktok app.
  • Log out and log in to your account.
  • Check for the shadowban issue in your content.
  • Check whether your account is blocked or restricted by Tiktok.
  • Update the Tiktok app.
  • Access your Tiktok account on another device.
  • Reach out to the Tiktok support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Videos Can You Pin on TikTok?

You can only pin three videos on your Tiktok account profile.

Can You See Who Viewed their TikTok?

Yes, you can see who has viewed your Tiktok profile from the ‘Eye’ icon.

Can You View Someone’s TikTok Without them Knowing?

Yes, you can view someone’s Tiktok account without them knowing from the Tiktok official website on PC.


At last, you can simply unpin Tiktok videos with the help of a few steps mentioned above. It doesn’t necessary for you to unpin your content until it fulfills its requirements and pinning it will not give you any benefit.