How to Watch Deleted TikToks [Solved] 2022

Do you want to watch deleted Tiktoks?

When you publish the Tiktok video, it will be available in your profile drafts.

Anyone can share and watch your posted Tiktok video as long as it is public, not private.

Similarly to that, you can also view someone’s TikTok from the “For You” page and their profile.

But the real question is: can you see deleted TikTok videos of someone as well as your own?

We will find out the complete answers in this article.

Quick Answers:

  • You can’t directly watch deleted TikTok of someone from their account.
  • If you have deleted your own Tiktok videos then you can easily access its raw file from your device.
  • You can also download your Tiktok data so that you can see your Tiktok draft, personal information, login details, removed videos, Tiktok search history, and more.
  • You can recover your deleted Tiktok videos if you accidentally remove them from your account.
  • There is also a way to recover deleted drafts on Tiktok by requesting your account data.
  • If Tiktok has removed your videos then you can appeal to them to get them back.

Can You Watch Deleted TikToks?

Yes, you can watch deleted Tiktoks of someone but not directly from their account.

When you remove your Tiktok video then it will be erased from your database as well as the server.

You can’t access it later on until you request Tiktok to recover it or do it by yourself.

But there are a few ways where you can even see the removed Tiktok video in the app.

If it’s your own video then you can use the raw file which you may have saved on your device.

You can also ‘Download your Tiktok data’ to see all the draft videos and some of the deleted videos.

However, if you want to see someone else’s TikTok, then you can ask them to send you the video.

Other than that, there are other ways to watch Tiktok videos of people.

How to Watch Deleted TikTok Videos?

If you are already frustrated from not finding the video you watched earlier on Tiktok, then here are the various ways to get it back.

But remember, it depends on your luck whether you will find the removed Tiktoks or not.

So, give it a try by following the below-mentioned methods.

1. Search Deleted Video in Archive Website

The first thing you need to do to watch deleted TikTok is search for it on the “Archive Website.”

You can find several third-party websites on the internet that store the duplicate content of Tiktokers.

When someone uploads a video to their Tiktok account, then sites such as “” and “” will keep a copy of the video in their system.

So, whenever a content creator removed their video from their Tiktok then you can still find them in those archive sites.

However, finding the deleted Tiktoks won’t be that easy because you manually have to search for them by username, video title, hashtags, and more.

If you are lucky enough then you may find the watched deleted Tiktoks in the archive websites.

But Tiktok has been searching for these archive sites to hunt them down because of the illegal activity they are doing.

This means, if the video is popular then you can only find it in the archive websites compared to the random unpopular videos.

Therefore, if you are searching for normal Tiktok videos that are not popular, don’t bother using the archive sites.

2. Ask Content Creator for Original Video Copy

The second method to watch deleted TikTok is to request the original creator of the video for a copy of the removed content.

If you are following someone and watching their Tiktok video every time then you can ask them to send a copy of their original content.

Just send them the new chat message and let them know how much you like their content and how truly you are meant to them.

If you are lucky enough then you can get a copy of the original deleted video.

However, this method doesn’t always work because of the nature of the content creator.

If the creator is popular and well-known on Tiktok then asking them for a copy of their removed video is just a waste of your time.

They receive hundreds of notifications from others so your message regarding the copy of the video can push down by other notifications.

But at least you can give it a try and send them a message to watch their deleted TikTok.

3. Ask Content Creator Friends for a Video

There will always be mutual friends or followers on Tiktok that is following the same person as you.

If the content creator didn’t reply to the message you sent earlier, then you can ask other users for it.

Most of the time, when someone who is close to the original author of the video can get a copy of the video because of the trust and well-known for a long time.

Therefore, you need to find that person and request that he or she asks the video creator for their take-out TikTok.

But don’t force them to request a copy of their videos if they don’t want to share them with you.

We always should respect the creator’s wish and let them flow with it.

4. Search the Video in YouTube TikTok Compilation

Most of the time, YouTubers video record or download the video of someone on Tiktok and publish them on their YouTube.

You can find several TikTok video compilation on YouTube that is uploaded by unknown creator illegally.

For example, search for the ‘Most popular Tiktok of 2022’ or, famous dog Tiktok videos’ or ‘Tiktok gaming compilation’ and you see the related video in the search result.

In the Tiktok video compilation, you can find the video which you want to watch because it was removed by the creator.

Similarly, even the Tiktokers upload their content on YouTube for even more likes and views.

If a person is famous on Tiktok then there is a high chance that they will share their every video on YouTube as well.

So, take your time and search for the deleted TikTok using its title, hashtags, description, and creator username.

5. Search the Video Creator Social Media Account

If someone has a Tiktok account then they will definitely have the social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and more.

You can locate the uses of social media accounts and search for the video which you watched earlier.

There is no guarantee that you will find the deleted Tiktoks in their account but some users have a habit to upload them.

But if a Tiktokers is famous then you can’t find their content in their social media accounts rather you will see their pictures.

Suppose, Khaby Lame is one of the popular Tiktokers and the video creator whose each video has millions of views and likes.

You won’t find Khaby Lame Tiktoks on his Instagram or Facebook because he is already well-known in the world.

How to See Someones Old Deleted TikToks?

If you follow someone on Tiktok and watch their content every day, then you must have liked the way that person creates videos.

It would be a sad thing to see if your favorite Tiktokers removed the videos that you like the most.

So, you can watch deleted Tiktoks either from the archive website such as or Urebird.

Other than this, you can also ask the content creator to share with you their copy of the original video and tell them you won’t use it for other purposes except watching.

Similarly, it would be better for you to search for the Tiktok video complication on YouTube that you are actually looking for.

There are lots of people who share Tiktokers content as a complication to escape from the copyright issue.

How to See Others Deleted TikTok Videos?

When a content creator removed their video from their account then you won’t be able to see them.

It will be permanently deleted from the Tiktok system until they decide to download their Tiktok data from their account settings.

Saying that you can’t see other deleted Tiktok videos as long as you manually search for them on the internet or ask the creator for a copy.

Tips While Watching Someone TikTok Videos

There is no certainty that you will find the same video on Tiktok a month above in the future that you are watching right now.

For example, if you watch someone else’s Tiktok video yesterday then you may not able to find it a month later.

The content creator can delete their video for some reason or they can make their Tiktok account private from the public.

So, I always recommend downloading the video that you like the most and want to watch later on.

You can download someone’s Tiktok video using the “Save” feature in your account, which will directly download Tiktoks into your phone gallery.

In this way, you can watch that video over and over again multiple times until you get tired of watching it.

Besides, most people don’t save their favorite video on the camera roll and want to want to watch it after the creator deletes them.

However, saving each video on Tiktok to a gallery is not quite possible for you which consumes lots of space on your device.

Therefore, you can add videos to your favorites on Tiktok and see your favorite video every time from your Tiktok profile.

Can You Watch Someone’s TikTok Videos from the Link?

No, you can’t watch the Tiktok video even though you have the link because once the video is removed then it will be terminated from the Tiktok sever as well.

When you use the removed video link then it will be expired which shows you the 404 error or can’t load the content message.

Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to use the expired or removed video link of Tiktok.

Besides, even the content creator won’t be able to access their own deleted content using the link.

Can You View Your Own Deleted TikToks?

When you remove your Tiktok video, it will be erased from the account database and no longer show you your posted content.

But you can access your deleted Tiktok video raw file from your phone gallery.

That’s because Tiktok will automatically save a copy of your published video into your device’s camera roll, which you can use later on.

But to save your own Tiktok video automatically, you have to first enable the ‘Auto archive to gallery’ feature from your account settings.

Once the feature is activated, you can watch your recent or old published TikTok on your phone without having access to your profile.

How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos?

You can recover your deleted Tiktok videos in three different ways in your device such as,

  • Using third-party tools called ‘Recoverit Video Recovery’.
  • Search for the removed video on recycle bin or trash.
  • Use the existing backup files for the Tiktok content recovery.

You can use any of the following methods to retrieve deleted videos on Tiktok as long as it was recently trashed.

If you want to recover an old video that is from 3 months or even longer then there is a less percentage of success rate.

Any of the video recovery tools won’t help you get back your long-time deleted videos from your account.

You have to choose the fresh content if you want to re-upload or watch it again after deleting it.


The most effective way to watch deleted TikTok is to ask the creator for their video copy. In this way, you will manage to view the original content rather than something edited by someone. If a creator accepts your request, then you are lucky, but if not, forget about it and move on.